For me, yoga is coming home. From my first class in 1994 to now, it's consistently what returns me to the awareness that "everything is ok." In our busy lives filled with career, family, volunteer activities and the many demands, we become overwhelmed. Yoga is the place where for just moments you step back. You are free from distraction. You can be still and think clearly. You can free your mind from the constant chatter. The chatter is usually filled with worry, planning the next move or regretting something from the past. People ask me how does yoga do all of that? Through the idea of 'awareness.' When you are practicing yoga, you commit to the present moment, which is all we really have. Just from being present, you're open to enjoy the experience. The deep breathing boosts your heart, lungs and helps regulate your blood pressure. The stretching soothes your muscles. You are challenged physically but what safer place to test if you can remain calm under the pressure. When your practice is done, you rest. Lying flat, your body gets a chance to absorb all the effort you've put in. You rise rejuvenated.

Some people worry they will lose their 'edge' if they do yoga. They tell me, "I'll get so zen-ed out I won't do anything." But being still actually has the opposite effect. When you're still, you see things with greater clarity. You're less confused. Your focus is sharper. Most importantly, you're better able to hear and respond to your instincts. We can all agree that trusting your instincts is one of the roots of success. You achieve more with less effort. Who doesn't want that?

We made this short film to make people laugh. As filmmakers, we hope you do thatÖa lot. As a yoga teacher, I'm grateful it draws people to yoga. If our character Wendy can do it, you certainly can. If you can breathe, there's some style of yoga that works for you.

To your happiness,

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