Wendy McKinney - Mecca Dickerson - Lalanya Masters - Joy Osmanski

Gregory Colleton - Tajamika Paxton - Gingi Rochelle - Marc Carter


Marc Carter began his photography studies in Hawaii in 1990 where his emphasis was still photography. In 1992 Marc moved to California and entered San Francisco State University's cinema program as a Cinematographer fellow.

By 1996 Marc had completed his studies and was ready for Hollywood. That Spring he made the move south and shortly after his arrival he joined the International Cinematographers Guild. For the next four years Marc gained steady work as a camera assistant on feature films like Wonderland and network TV shows like Providence. Marc soon took his new knowledge and experience and began shooting independent projects on the side. His creative eye and strong sense of professionalism rapidly established him as an in-demand freelance Director of Photography for numerous networks, including the NFL Network, E! Entertainment Television, TLC A&E, & MTV. Additionally Marc shot the Discovery Channel's popular "Deadliest Catch" series and numerous opening teases for ABC's Monday Night Football and ESPN's ESPY Awards.

In 2004 Marc joined Mandt Bros. Productions as the Vice President of Production. Since joining the company he has been involved in all aspects of the development and execution of the company's productions. Additionally he has served as the Director of Photography on the feature length movie Last Stop for Paul as well as the TV series My Crazy Life. Marc Carter is proficient in shooting 35MM, HD, Beta SP and mini DV. He has also traveled to over 50 countries.
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