Wendy McKinney - Mecca Dickerson - Lalanya Masters - Joy Osmanski

Gregory Colleton - Tajamika Paxton - Gingi Rochelle - Marc Carter


Gregory M. T. Colleton is a writer, actor and director. He entered Hollywood with "Road to "Freaknik," a feature-length comedy bought by Fox Searchlight for Edmonds Entertainment. "Freaknik" led to rewrite work, and a variety of other projects developed with producers, artists, and studios in the comedy world. He continues to work closely with the Underground Films production company, with which he scripted original features "Act Like You Know," "Highland Park" and the coming-of-age story "The Wish." In early 2008, Wipf & Stock Publishers will release his co-edited anthology, Life Sentences: Short Stories.

In 2005, Colleton and Paxton teamed up to follow a shared passion to write for television. After completing several half-hour specs of their favorite shows, they created and co-directed the original comedy short, "A Fat Girl's Guide to Yoga."

Paxton and Colleton both bring a wealth of experience to their writing. Paxton teaches yoga and loves to study books on self-mastery (like every good recovering Type A). She travels extensively and is an active volunteer. She served on the Board of Directors for Outfest Film Festival, and continues to co-chair the organization's Fusion Film Festival. A graduate of Georgetown University's School of Business, she owned and operated a yoga studio in Silver Lake for two years.

Unlike his earthy writing partner, Colleton enjoys a hot dog, or any kind of processed meat really, while watching his beloved hometown Chicago Bulls. Although he still dreams of an NBA career (not totally kidding), he bides his time with comic books, Vonnegut novels, and arguing about hip hop's greatest emcees. A graduate of Macalester College in St. Paul, Minn. (nowhere near Fargo), he has a degree in History and Religion. A Teach For America alumnus, Colleton continues to teach English and violin in inner-city schools. With an Irish father and a Black mother, he is a proud member of the mixed nut nation.

He may be whole milk and she may be soy, but that just means they appeal to many different tastes.

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